Consumer Goods and Services

It’s time to satisfy fluctuating consumer demands while seizing new growth opportunities in today’s integrated marketplace.


How to improve end
-to-end experiences

To grow, CPGs must radically rethink their relationships with both
consumers and retailers. Explore four steps to improve the digital
consumer and customer experience.

COVID-19: What to do now, what to do next

Our eight waves of consumer research reveal that COVID-19 has substantially changed consumer behavior. We explore five key myths impacting CPGs—that our research data dispels. Businesses must be data-led as they shape plans for the future, and CPGs need to revisit consumer segments, their portfolios and their partners now to build a foundation for future growth.


Debunking 5 consumer myths in the era of

Navigating the impact of COVID-19

What trends are impacting the consumer packaged goods industry and how can CPGs better serve emerging consumer segments?
Learn about the ongoing consumer trends impacting CPGs due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).
Kenz reports how the coronavirus will permanently change consumer behavior and transform the future of the CPG industry.

How we help

With services spanning growth strategy and execution, sales and trade promotion management, marketing, supply chain, and intelligent enterprise enablement we help our clients achieve consumer relevance at pace and in the right scale units.

Remodel the portfolio

Create an innovation agenda to drive disruptive growth.

Redefine consumer and channel experience

Capture new growth and meet liquid expectations.

Reinvent operations

Architect the business to be relevant at scale.

Run an intelligent enterprise

Pivot your business to unlock value faster than ever.

Develop next-gen IT architecture

Go digital at the core to adapt at speed.


From enabling front office transformation to building an intelligent enterprise underpinned by technology and analytics, the Kenz consumer goods industry helps businesses innovate and transform.

Explore emerging technologies to compete in a fast-changing environment.

Power your intelligent enterprise and drive your business forward.

Where we serve


Discover how we are working across the food value chain (seeds, farming, and processing) to drive innovation and growth for our agri clients.

Alcoholic beverages

We’re helping companies that produce, market, and/or distribute alcohol get closer to the consumer and improve the customer experience.

Beauty and personal goods

Check out how we are transforming the beauty customer experience and enabling clients to discover new areas of opportunity fueled by data.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages

We’re helping food and beverage companies pivot to consumers evolving needs for quick, healthy, socially responsible products that elevate experiences.

Home and personal care

From personal care & hygiene to home care products and appliances, we help clients adapt to a new reality, driven by evolving consumer lifestyles.

Case studies

Consumer Goods and Services

AI-tailored product development


Carlsberg brews innovation with cloud

Talent & Organization / Human Potential

Henkel cultivates in-house talent by skilling up

Consumer Goods Forum Industry X virtual events

Now more than ever it’s time to rethink the Consumer Goods Industry. Learn how to leapfrog your competitors by digitally transforming your operations.