Intelligent operating model

Build a data-enabled operating model that continually adapts.

How is your operating model handling disruption?

Disruptive technologies and empowered consumers are accelerating market change. But more than nine in 10 executives report that their companies’ very existence could be jeopardized by operating models that can’t keep pace.

That was before COVID-19 struck. Some industries have been up-ended dramatically by the pandemic and most others are adapting to constant change. So, while many organizations have responded to the crisis with agility, the big challenge is how to maintain this for the long term.

Those companies armed with intelligent operating models that enable them to continuously adapt are more likely to prosper. And it pays off: The long-term EBITDA growth for truly agile organizations is 16% compared with 6% on average for non-agile organizations.


Adapting to a new range of

Kenz can help create data-enabled operating models that continually adapt to your changing business imperatives and improve employee engagement and productivity while meeting the growing need to deliver value. Among today's critical challenges:

Build new business

Implement multiple new business models while seeing through commitment to existing businesses. Learn more.

Optimize digital

Design flexible teams, talent and processes that underpin successful adoption of AI, cloud and other technologies.

Reduce complexity and cost

Apply the right balance of automated and human work to improve efficiencies and decision-making.

Integrate M&As

Integrate new entities and create liquid ways to work with more outside partners. Learn more.

Embed sustainability and responsibility

Re-wire the business to meet its purpose, compete in sustainable markets and embed responsible practices and culture.

Inspire innovation

Create processes that facilitate risk-taking in a culture of autonomy and experimentation.

Build human-centered organizations

Use data and insights to configure your operating model to create world-class customer and employee experiences.


Setting the standard in organizational design



Setting the ambition, aligning it with your purpose, and assessing the capabilities and the path to create new value.


Highly participative methodologies, combined with data and analytics, to design organizational models and strengthen internal design capabilities.


Implementing agile and responsible operating models with our transformation capabilities, and our ecosystem of technology and talent partners.


Creating and running function and industry-specific processes that underpin intelligent operating models, through our network of delivery centers.

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How to shape organizations that will enable people to make faster and better decisions in a more complex world.
Three quarters of businesses report increased disruption from shifting customer demands and new market entrants.
Now is the time to reimagine operating models and create a new competitive reality that propels companies ahead of their competitors.


Solving for complexity with one powerful solution.

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