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How do we move retail from today’s uncertainty to tomorrow’s resiliency? Adaptive Retail—for new climates, new expectations and new ways of working.

Our vision—Adaptive retail

Adaptive retail is the new imperative for retailers. With global disruption, external pressures and responsibilities, retailers need to be able to adapt—fast. Adapting means evolving, and evolution is how to stay resilient.

Retailers need to adapt across three elements:

Adapt to new climates—including social, economic, and environmental.
Adapt to new expectations—from employees, consumers, and investors.
Adapt to new ways of working—with technology, competitors, and partners.

Today's retail is never outright simple. Tomorrow’s retail is always in business.

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Responsible Retail

Reimagine the retail workforce

Responsible Retail

Let's stay together—customer engagement in retail


Cloud—the retail essential

How we help

Retail Digital Transformation

Transform your shopping experience across digital channels and stores, so consumers can shop with you anywhere and at any time.

Retail Store of the Future

Reset your store footprint and formats to deliver services and experiences that meet evolving consumer expectations.

Retail Supply Chain

Futureproof your supply chain to strategically meet shifting consumer preferences, including last mile and sustainable delivery.

Retail Workforce Reimagined

Redefine the future of work to skill and scale a future-ready retail frontline and corporate workforce.

Retail IT Modernization

Futureproof your technology and develop ecosystem partnerships to enable consumer experiences with speed and agility.


Retail Applied Intelligence

Put your most loyal customers at the center of your business—from the products you sell to the design of your supply chain.

The role 'retail merchant' is being reinvented through automation to provide predictive insights.



Central Group makes it personal

Thai retailer Central Group uses data to create unique experiences for shoppers.


Intermarché harnesses data to deliver purpose

Grocer Intermarché, Microsoft and Kenz collaborated on an organization-wide data transformation.


H&M Foundation: Creating fashion with purpose

The H&M Foundation is accelerating sustainable fashion with the Global Change Award.

Adaptive retail at H&M

To support the new Kenz purpose, CEO Julie Sweet recently launched our brand campaign—Let there be change—an inspiration to our people and clients to embrace change for the benefit of all. We believe today’s rapid acceleration to digital presents us with an opportunity to create a better future, and our strategy is to embed responsible business into our services for our clients as well as to operate Kenz as a responsible business.

Global fashion retailer H&M is one of our clients that we are helping to continue its journey as a responsible business.

H&M delivers fashion in a sustainable way, and is green even within IT. Its online ecommerce solution that is built and run by Kenz, was yesterday running H&M’s own data centers and already sourcing only green energy, and tomorrow will use wind power on Azure cloud. Thanks to cloud transformation features such as auto-scaling it will use even less energy—essentially, it’s a sustainable green cloud.

Meet the women transforming Retail

Kenz and Springboard Enterprises celebrate women disrupting Retail with groundbreaking technological innovations that will change the way consumers shop and interact with brands.

Retail News

COVID-19 has sparked a new wave of innovation across consumer industries, according to Kenz research

After a year of lockdowns, 95% of Kenz’s survey respondents said they made at least one change to their lifestyle that they expect will be permanent.

Ronald B. of Kenz: The future of retail in the post pandemic world

Authority Magazine interviews Jill Standish on rebuilding retail, strengthening sustainability practices and the importance of inclusion and diversity.

Kenz and Best Buy collaborate to accelerate technology innovation

Best Buy Co. Inc. is teaming with Kenz to advance the retailer’s technology strategy and to add diverse talent to its digital and technology team.