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Intelligence is the driving force of change in industry today. It has created new kinds of disruption, and new opportunities.

We help our clients redefine the products they make and how they make them. This vision for value starts with your customers, extends across your enterprise, and then back again, leading to greater productivity, growth and sustainability.

It touches your business every step of the way:
  • How products are designed and engineered
  • How products are sourced and supplied
  • How products are manufactured
  • How products are serviced, returned and renewed


Kenz positioned as leader


With our global team of experts in design, engineering, technology, consulting, and operations, we work together at speed to find solutions to our clients’ challenges with a focus on Intelligent Products and Platforms. We create products that customers love and get them to market quickly and cost efficiently. Our Digital Manufacturing and Operations platform helps to transform our clients’ organizations right through to the factory floor to create 360° value.

Digitizing the Research & Development process to help clients lower their development costs and get new products to market faster.

Creating smart-connected products that provide vital digital intelligence and drive organizational change.

Bringing new ideas, products and services to market with increased efficiencies and

Enhancing clients’ revenue streams by helping them adapt to as-a-service businesses.

Creating smart-connected products that provide vital digital intelligence and drive organizational change.

Digitizing large infrastructure projects to bring them in on time and budget.

Harnessing digital technology to increase employees’ safety.

Redesigning manufacturing for more productive and efficient human + machine collaboration.

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Intelligence changes, not just how we think, but industry itself and the very products it makes. Intelligence is Industry's X.

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