Interactive screens and digital signage solutions


Expected balance between office life and remote working

“If 2020 & 2021 was/is the year of virtual meetings, it looks like the second half of 2021 and 2022 might be the period of hybrid solutions, as we begin to reconnect in person.”




As it was: mostly in-person meetings

  • Key requirements for a interactive meeting room
  • Interactive display
  • Screen Sharing
  • Whiteboarding

  • To be: hybrid meeting

  • Key requirement for a hybrid meeting room
  • Videoconferencing
  • Co-creating
  • Interactive display
  • Screen Sharing
  • Whiteboarding

  • i3SIXTY Pro

    Work together on an easy-to-use interactive display and brainstorm locally or remotely, all within your preferred Windows environment.​ With the i3SIXTY Pro solution, you can whiteboard, present wirelessly, video conference and annotate on your shared content. It has everything you need for remote collaboration and fits in any space. ​

    What is a hybrid meeting? 

    Part of the participants join in-person from an office meeting room and another part joins remote. Hybrid is a unique blend of both an in-room component and a virtual online component, with live video streaming and online presentation of content.

    Conference meeting solution

    Video conferencing is a breeze :-
    Hosting a video conference is a breeze with the 4K, wide-angle lens camera that can easily capture the entire meeting room, and delivers a crystal-clear sound and image quality.

    The future of education.

    Navigating the future of education and the digitalization of learning environments.

    An optimal learning environment requires the right tools that are developed with an awareness of the digitalization process in education, as well as all of the challenges that come with it. With 50 + years of experience in education, i3-Technologies knows exactly what to offer. Our solutions are being developed and co-created with teachers to assure that we can offer a solution to meet their needs and tackle their challenges.

    At i3-Technologies, our interactive solutions are always inspired by and created for you.

    In this brochure, we will illustrate how i3-Technologies can help you navigate your digital transformation and enhance the education environments for students and teachers alike.

    Interactive screens for education.

    Interactive screens for education.

    With over 50 years of experience in education and over 10 years of experience in education technology, we know how to navigate today’s challenges in education. We offer a broad range of products that are for the benefit of both the teacher and the student. Our solutions form an important part of the digital education ecosystem, which allows you to design your inspiring and interactive learning environment.

    We are your partner for inclusive digital learning and innovation and education. Keeping your everyday environment in mind, we are able to create solutions that meet your goals, curriculum, student needs and teaching style. We focus on not just the use of technology, but the importance of the correct use of technology, because it makes a world of difference for students and teachers. All of our solutions are simple to use and easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure of your school.

    What does the future of education looks like?

    The advancement and adoption of technology is moving faster than ever and with this in mind, it’s important to successfully integrate technology into learning environments. I3-Technology doesn’t change the way you teach, rather assists and enhances the learning experience for both teachers and students. Our digital solutions make learning easily accessible, engaging, flexible and more flexible and more effective.

    In many studies, including our own case studies, schools have seen an increase in learning outcomes and results, engagement and enthusiasm in the classroom with the use of interactive touch displays or boards as well as our software solutions designed specially for the classroom.

    Incorporating into your classroom can bring benefits to your students, colleagues and school districts. Using our digital education ecosystem you can customize the teaching solution that best meets the needs of your classroom and it’s digital transformation.

    EX Smart Screen 86”

    Education Ecosystem

    Discover our learning environment

    Discover our learning environment

    There are many different ways to integrate interactive solutions into your classroom, and in the Digital Classroom we recommend our complete solution. The complete solution

    includes both software and hardware that will help you take your lessons to the next level, keeping your students safe, engaged and connected.

    Captivate your students with eye-catching learning materials and integrate your lessons with teaching platforms such as i3LEARNHUB, simple and easy to use, right out of the box.


    Versatile Classroom 3

    The flexible classroom allows the teacher and students to incorporate movement into their learning activities. Rather than being sat at desks for the whole day, the flexible classroom allows the teacher to adapt the room to the lesson or activity, creating a more hands-on environment and increasing engagement and collaboration amongst students.

    For the students in the younger grades and kindergarten it’s not always easy to sit still at their desk and work in their workbook. A flexible classroom gives them space to move while they’re learning and it helps them focus much better..


    The Atrium

    Share announcements, upcoming events, emergency messages and school-wide information with our digital signage feature on our i3TOUCH EX display. Deliver clear information when your colleagues and students need it most, with a stunning 4K display with anti-glare.

    Monitor the air quality throughout your entire school with the i3CAIR, our indoor air quality sensor. i3CAIR is a simple solution that ensures you can return to school safely by monitoring, alerting and reporting on indoor air quality, and the solution fully integrates with the i3TOUCH interactive display.

    Administrator’s office

    As an IT-administrator or Health and Safety advisor of a school; having visibility, maintaining and managing technology in your classrooms can be a large task and a lot of paperwork.

    With our software solutions for education, you won’t miss a beat, allowing you to keep your tech up-to-date from anywhere and at any time.

    Administrator’s office

    Keeping all of your students engaged in a large room or auditorium can be a challenge. Using a larger interactive display or board ensures everyone can see your lesson no matter where they are in the room.

    Our solutions are simple and easy to use and help to improve productivity and learning outcomes or results, while simultaneously preparing students for the modern workplace at the same time.

    Use of room device

    Integrated Windows solution

    Using the integration of the OPS PC slot, you can combine the i3SIXTY Pro with a Windows PC and benefit from the unique combination of a Windows environment on a rotatable display.

    Flexibility with a rotatable screen

    Toggle between landscape and portrait mode to optimally accommodate different types of content.

    Take your meetings anywhere

    Thanks to the integrated and compact mobile stand, the i3SIXTY Pro can be use in any room.

    The 4K camera delivers crystal-clear image quality and with its wide 120° angle lens the camera captures the entire meeting room area. The built-in microphone picks up sound from up to 12 meters in any direction and delivers crisp sound with its noise-suppressing algorithm. On top of that, it can even recognize and focus on the people in the room.

    i3SIXTY Pro - features

    Built to last

    We crafted the i3SIXTY Pro from the finest materials. The ultra-slim bezel and aluminum accents along with the sturdy craftsmanship create a pleasing high-end aesthetic.

    Active pen

    The active pen detects different levels of pressure and automatically activates the writing function in Windows ink supported apps as Microsoft Office 365.

    Adaptive intelligence

    The combination of a motion and light sensor will optimize your viewing experience to all lighting conditions and keep energy consumption at an absolute low.​


    Use the interactive display’s speakers and camera by connecting your laptop to the screen with a USB-C cable. Just one cable for audio, video, power (45W), and touch. Enjoy having access to all the tools connected to the display, such as the webcam or mic, straight from your laptop.

    Share instantly with no effort

    Share your screen wirelessly with the i3ALLSYNC app or new i3ALLSYNC hardware transmitter.

    Annotate on all content

    Easily create and export annotations on every screen or application you use, even on connected devices.

    Premium touch experience

    The C-Sense capacitive touch technology creates a very responsive and natural touch experience.

    High precision writing

    Thanks to optical bonding inside the panel we can achieve an optimal and natural writing experience together with our ergonomically designed pens.

    Ideate with ease

    Take quick notes in the i3NOTES whiteboarding app and share your content rapidly.

    Budget friendly VC solution

    Value for money is crucial in order to convert as many meeting rooms as possible equipped for video conferencing, ready for hybrid meetings. 


    To ensure optimal flexibility, the i3SIXTY Pro has been developed in 55”. This will fit in almost every room.

    Sleek & intuitive design

    The i3SIXTY Pro is the perfect match in every state-of-the-art meeting room combining the essentials for interactive meetings with a sleek, stylish design that feels very natural and intuitive.

    Chose your color

    Chose your preferred colour. The mobile stand is available in black or white. 

    Intuitive interface

    Control everything from an intuitive, configurable Launcher.


    The i3SIXTY Pro has a secure Mstar chipset.