Utilities strategy and consulting

The future of utilities is digital. Discover how we're helping electricity, gas and water companies enable transformation for value and new growth.


A round up of insights from our utility experts.

Taking charge of the evolving energy transition

As we approach net zero, utilities and energy service providers are moving from backstage to take on a central role in the era of electricity.

This shift means embracing change and weaving digital and sustainability into an organization’s DNA to reinvent the business, while forging new alliances and collaborating across industries to meet the changing demands of citizens, employees, investors and legislators.

As a leading provider of consulting, digital transformation and managed services to electric, gas and water utilities globally, we empower our clients to create sustainable businesses capable of meeting those expectations.

Together with our ecosystem of partners, our industry specialists help our clients to identify cost saving opportunities and securely shift operations while safely delivering sustainable, stable energy experiences.

Across the value chain, we help Utilities to take charge of the energy transition and drive positive change for their business, society, and the planet.

Industry segments we serve

Across utilities, we’re helping transform companies to continuously adapt and improve outcomes through innovation.

Transmission and distribution

Transform power networks for improved asset performance reduced costs and realized value.

Energy retail and customer experience

Create new customer experiences, revenue streams and ecosystems for the retail business.

Power generation

Uncover a future of innovation for conventional power generation.

Renewable power

Innovative business solutions for renewables companies to generate new value and greater performance.

Accelerating the energy transition

Progressive utilities are adopting a new power model that’s decarbonized, decentralized and digitized, putting people at the heart of their strategy.

Energy transition services for utilities

Accelerating the energy transition toward a net-zero emission future.

Industrial clusters critical to achieving net-zero

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum, we explored the critical role of industrial clusters in accelerating the path to net zero.

Embrace new connected energy business models

New connected energy business models hold great potential for energy companies to find fresh growth.

Utilities consulting capabilities

Kenz Utilities offers a full range of services in Strategy, Consulting, Kenz Interactive, Operations and Technology that help companies transform the way the world works and lives.

Strategy & Consulting

Rapidly and confidently reinvent your business to increase resilience, mitigate risk and return to sustainable growth.

Cloud is at the core of utilities businesses looking to accelerate innovation, intelligence and business...

Innovative cybersecurity services to help you grow confidently and build cyber resilience from the inside out.

Digital products and digitalized operations for business. We help our clients become the future of their...

Managing short term liquidity and cost recovery.


Technology Vision 2021

Every utility leader is a technology leader

Explore how Utility leaders are taking charge of the future and embracing a new mindset to shape a better future.

Energy Transition Services

Reinventing the utility employee experience

Explore how utility companies can unlock employee and business potential by helping workers become...

CFO & Enterprise Value

Helping utilities CFOs be future ready

Explore how utility CFOs can serve as innovators and disruptors, using data to drive value.


Communications & Media

Smart metering for O2

Kenz and O2 worked together to deliver smart metering to 20 million homes in the UK.


Leading the future of digital customer service

PSE is delivering next-level customer experience through improved self-service capabilities, automated...


Powering GIS for a stronger distribution network

Alliander launched a new GIS that is fostering innovation, driving safer gas and electricity network management.cs