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Necessity is the mother of (re) invention

Most oil and gas companies realize the need to transform to achieve profitability and stay relevant during and after the energy transition. Yet, many still struggle to understand what transformation will mean to their business.

Our inaugural Oil and Gas Reinvention Index research suggests that transformation will not be enough. Reinvention is needed. And that reinvention must be anchored in five core areas. Our research bears this out. Survey findings show that oil and gas companies most committed to reinvention expect their actions to help them grow margins by at least 7% and revenues by at least 11% in the next three years.We believe reinvention across these five dimensions will distinguish the industry leaders in the years ahead and potentially unlock up to $500 billion in value annually for the industry.


We bring a full range of energy services for an industry transformation in an increasingly digital world.

We optimize upstream operating models to help you develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

From investment decisions to operations, we assist you across the end-to-end LNG value chain.

Offering insights, services and solutions to help our clients advance towards a net-zero emissions future.

We help you gain new efficiencies by managing energy trading risk, reducing costs and monetizing opportunities.

How digital technology is rapidly driving powerful results for refineries.

Transform the customer experience at the service station with solutions that capitalize on digital technologies.

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